What We Do - Celmark International
Celmark International provides services in skin care, liquid and vitamin supplement manufacturing, packaging and private labeling, and more in Orlando.
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What We Do

From manufacturing to labeling and packaging, our team at Celmark International Inc. knows how to effectively produce every aspect of skincare and dietary supplement products for a variety of different market segments.

Custom Manufacturing

Celmark uses top-of-the-line equipment, technology and ingredients to develop completely unique topical and liquid-supplement formulas for brands in all market segments. We create nearly 100 different formulas each year, and currently produce more than 1,000 customized formulas for 150+ brands.

Assembly Line
Celmark Storage

Liquid Supplements

Whether you’re interested in producing a 2-ounce energy shot or a 32-ounce liquid cleanse, our team can blend a basic formulas with a variety of other ingredients to create a unique formula in the size and packaging of your choice.


From skin creams and lotions to serums and cleansers, Celmark offers an assortment of formula options that can be customized for anti-aging, moisturizing, tanning, brightening and more.

Beauty Products

Packaging & Private Labeling

A well-developed product doesn’t sell itself. That’s why we offer personalized packaging and labeling to complement your fully customized product formulas and help get them into consumers’ hands.

Research & Development

Our R&D team uses state-of-the-art technologies, up-to-date advancements and innovative concepts to stay on the cutting edge in the skincare and dietary supplement industries. We transform ideas into successful products for our clients, ensuring each ingredient, testing process, packaging and more is of the utmost quality.

Celmark Lab with Chemicals