Custom Manufacturing - Celmark International
Producing over 1,000 unique formulas for 150+ top brands, plus 100+ new products each year, Celmark offers full customization for any manufacturing need.
supplement manufacturing, liquid skin care
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Custom Manufacturing

Blending cutting-edge technologies, top-notch ingredients and complete customization, Celmark can create the perfect product to fit your needs.

Fully customized manufacturing for your unique market segment.

At Celmark, we know that a well-designed formula is just the beginning of a successful product. But equally important is the focus on marketing and product positioning.

Our use of cutting-edge technologies, ingredients and packaging will give your product added value, functionality and marketing differentiation. We also provide significant due diligence to new product development, which includes attention to environmental, legal and regulatory parameters.

And by recognizing and leveraging the best emerging nutrition science, as well as our full package design, creative and engineering capabilities, Celmark is able to develop 100+ brand-new products annually.

Celmark produces more than 1,000 custom formulas for over 150 brands in all market segments, including:

  • Retail
  • Network marketing
  • Electronic retail
  • Direct response (radio, print, e-commerce, short- and long-form television, newsletter, and telemarketing)
  • Inner and outer skincare regimens
  • Direct mail
  • Internet
Custom Manufacturing

Our product-development process is a complex affair that involves the formulation of cross-functional design teams, which may include representatives from marketing, research and development, quality assurance, operations, graphic arts, vendors, the Scientific Advisory Board—and most importantly—our customers.

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